Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Some Notes on the Hillsborough Football Disaster

When we say the word disaster, we're hearkening back to a time when the stars were assumed to have a role in the course that events would take. We tend to take a dimmer view of their ability to direct our lives, and try to assert our own agency (or someone else's, if we wish not to own our part in some mishap) over and above what resides in the heavens. Yet we still use the word, as if to say, this or that particular tragic event could not have been prevented. (The relationship with the stars remains unstated, perhaps it's still assumed?)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Henry V at Agincourt: an Astrological Review, Part III

In the previous post, I presented two alternatives for the nativity of Henry V, and favored the second of them based on a number of factors, but most specifically due the emphasis of Mars as befitting the chart of a warrior king. I proposed the chart as being "hypothetical".

In this post, I will continue to pursue the hypothesis in comparison with the nativity of his principal rival, Charles VI of France, that nation's ruler at the time of Agincourt, and I will review and discuss some charts leading up to the battle.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Henry V at Agincourt: an Astrological Review, Part II

For anyone who read Part I of this post, and thought "don't quit your day job", don't worry. For those who are familiar with the work I do in my day job, and thought "please quit your day job", I'm sorry. But as we dig deeper into this event and the actors in it, the more interesting we may find it.

I mentioned above that Henry was 28 when the Battle of Agincourt occurred, though this is a matter of debate. When I started this project, I looked on the astro.com website, which specifies a 16 September 1386 nativity. But other sources indicate he was born on 9 August 1387 [this is the date given in the Wikipedia entry]. One explanation for the doubt here is that when he was born, his father Henry IV was not then king, and there wasn't the kind of interest in his horoscope that there might have been if he had been born prince and heir.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Henry V at Agincourt: an Astrological Review, Part I

In honor (honour?) of the recent 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, I thought it might be interesting to review a few astrological artifacts. I will not lay claim to expertise on either the history, nor the astrological methods, but I want to explore the event to find out whether Astrology has anything to tell us about it. Since this is not an excercise in prediction, let's see if we can discover anything novel or notable.

Schlacht von Azincourt.jpg
"Schlacht von Azincourt" by Chroniques d’Enguerrand de Monstrelet (early 15th century) - Antoine Leduc, Sylvie Leluc et Olivier Renaudeau (dir.), D'Azincourt à Marignan. Chevaliers et bombardes, 1415-1515, Paris, Gallimard / Musée de l'armée, 2015, p. 18-19, ISBN 978-2-07-014949-0. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.